THE KAMIKAZE MIND Website has won the

Point of Life Gold Award of Excellence!

  • The Kamikaze Mind book, mobile phone project and website, Preselection Finalist (in the top ten) for the inaugural Best Multi-Modal Production at the 2007 Enhance TV Atom Awards

  • The Kamikaze Mind book longlisted from 580 entries for the Australian Publishers Association’s 2007 Book Design Awards.

Congratulations to:

Book Designer: Andras Berkes-Brandl, Brandl & Schlesinger
Book and Photo Editor: Karen Pearlman
Photographers: Dominica Ferenz and Christophorus Verheyden
Costume Designer: Matthew Aberline
Book Publisher: Veronica Sumegi,
Brandl & Schlesinger

Website Template Designer:  Mark Woszczalski, MetalDog Productions 

Creative Arts Production Company: The Physical TV Company
Website Facilitators and Sponsors: Luke Shardlow and Peter Heery, InZen

Animations and Wallpapers Designer: Karen Pearlman
Ringtones Composer: Michael Yezerski
Mobile Phone Content and Technology Development: Oliver Palmer, TigerSpike

Author and Performer: Richard James Allen

Our thanks to: Michael Levy, Point of

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