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* The Kamikaze Mind Preselection Finalist for Best Multi-Modal Production at 2007 Enhance TV Atom Awards

* Texts from The Kamikaze Mind used in new online 3D immersive world Thursday's Fictions in Second Life

* Latest review of The Kamikaze Mind - in Jacket by Dr Mark Seton

* "Pathways through the Labryrinth of The Kamikaze Mind"
- Some ways of reading The Kamikaze Mind by Richard James Allen
(Text of presentation at Live Poets Society, Sydney)

* The Kamikaze Mind Animations and Wallpapers selected for overseas distribution by The Export Navigator Project

* Writing the Story of the Future seminar on Cross-Platform Creativity by Richard James Allen

* Interview with author Richard James Allen on Writers Radio, Radio Adelaide

* Point of Life Award for The Kamikaze Mind website
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